The Potions Master

I only recently learned that people pharmacists make animal medicines (when Harry was diagnosed with asthma last year and was on steroids for a while). It’s still a bit strange for me to pick up a prescription for “Harry The Cat” at the Wellness centre, but they seem unphased. They even mix in chicken or liver flavouring to make it more palatable (they think)!

Harry is now on tramadol as well as metacam, to get him through until the amputation. He is currently staring, large-pupiled and flat on his side, at the doormat.

Instructions are to give “as needed” up to three times a day. As he’s ace at hiding his pain, this is a bit tricky. The pharmacist says that so long as he’s not walking into walls, he’s alright on a dose every eight hours…I guess we’ll see how things go.

In other news, I’ve come across the suggestion that procuring onesies and cutting out the butt, to use as a t-shirt-like deterant to stitch licking following surgury, is effective. I went to Walmart tonight, and their selection was limited:

Something to look forward to.