The Scar

I took a lot of pictures of Harry’s incision during his initial healing period, so I could compare it day-to-day and look for progress, or problems (no, you’re neurotic). While I was sorting through these, today, it occurred to me that they might be helpful for others who are wondering what to expect or wanting to compare their kitty’s progress. So, this is just a photo-log of healing progress for that purpose.

Heads up, the early pictures may be upsetting for some (it was scary as heck for me to look at in person, until I got used to it).

Also, there was a period after the initial swelling went down when Harry spent most of his time lying ON his incision so it was tricky to get good shots and some are from wrinkly angles.

Day 1: 😦

Day 2:


Day 3:


Day 5:


Day 7:


Day 10: Starting to get stubbly and most of the swelling was gone


Day 14: Last Day with Stitches!

Day 21 : Gross scabbies (the whole thing looked like that scabbed bit, the day after his stitches came out, and gradually bits fell off – or, I suspect, got licked off, blech. I still used t-shirts off and on to keep him from going at the scar too much as the vet said it was okay for him to lick now, but not to let him get too aggressive with it)…but! stitch free!


Day 25: Pretty much all better! Soft to touch, and not at all bothersome to him. Actually, he started really enjoying getting a bit of a rub on that side. I suspect the regrowing hair is still somewhat itchy and that those new muscles he’s building get sore and enjoy the massage.


Now all that’s left is for him to get his fuzz back properly! It’s growing in much faster in some areas than others, as you can sort of see in this last picture, but it’s not worth stressing over. He’s still very handsome.