Seen and Unforeseen

I cannot believe how well Harry is doing. This time last week he had four legs. He was limping terribly and I was worrying madly about the pain he was in, the upcoming procedure, and whether or not I was doing the right thing. I was told that he would heal up faster than I expected, but I didn’t really buy it.

We are five days in and he’s much like his usual self now, except for getting tired a lot more quickly and looking funny. He’s eating regularly, using the litter box properly (in all ways – it took almost four days for #2, in case you’re facing the same thing and wondering), getting up on the bed when he wants, and purring during pets.

He is already coming off of his pain medications (he’ll have his last Gabapentin with dinner and his final Metacam tomorrow evening. The Tramadol was done yesterday morning) and tonight will be the first night I wont have to get up at weird hours to dose him. I’m still supposed to be keeping an eye out for signs of pain, in case he needs something more, but at the moment it’s looking good.

He’s even tried to make a break for it:

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Work is tough. Yesterday was my first day leaving him and it was painful to go. I’ve been reminded quickly enough; however, that Harry is truly Cat and as such is pretty good at being on his own, even with a major injury. He spends most of his time sleeping or resting right now and I don’t believe that changes when I’m away.

Just in case, I’ve been leaving him like this:


The humiliation should keep him subdued. He doesn’t wear his cone when I’m home, but I’m afraid he’ll be able to get around the t-shirt when I’m not there to thwart his efforts (efforts he has not actually made. yet) so he must suffer the indignity for now. His back, right paw is wrapped in vet wrap to keep him from scratching up from that direction, in this photo but this, I’ve officially learned, is useless. Both yesterday and today he was out of it by the time I popped home at lunch to check in. I suspect he was out of it minutes after I left. I have no solution for this risk at the moment, aside from hopeful thoughts. Maybe a belt…

Anyway, mostly I’m feeling relief, a renewed appreciation for the time I have with my pal, and certainty, now, that it was the right choice to amputate. We’re on our way.



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