Day 2 Update

img_0971Harry is doing remarkably well. He’s still very sleepy (still on very regular meds, although I will be spacing out his Tramadol more, starting today), but he is using his litter box as needed (all number 1s thus far, but I was told to expect the other stuff to take several days), eating regularly and starting to get around.

Today he made a little exploration of the room I have him confined to for now – which is my bedroom, with everything jump-upable or hide-under-able removed so he doesn’t hurt his wound and so I can get to him to medicate. He checked out the closet and did a slow, wobbly lap before retiring to his cage. He doesn’t seem hugely  bothered by the lack of leg at the moment, although he’s still figuring out balance and has been confused when trying to use the missing leg to kick the sand in his litter box. He used to stand outside the box and put one arm in to cover his business. Now he stands outside and twitches his shoulder (not his actual shoulder, which was removed, but the general area) a slight bit or stands there thinking for a moment, before just giving up and walking away.

It remains hard to watch him struggle, and to see the huge gash in his side (although I’m getting used to it) but I’m still really impressed with how far he’s come in such a short time, the tough little monster. Fingers crossed he stays on track!

I can’t post videos on this blog, but you can click HERE to watch how Harry’s mobility is progressing, on youtube 🙂


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